Kiwi speed

Monday, 19 June 2006

For all our Kiwi friends, Marquita has been in great form.  The question this weekend I've been asking is not 'Where did you come?' but 'How much did you win by?'.  Judging by her results; 5 minute win in the sprint, 10 in the classic,15 today in the ultra long, she'll really give the girls at WOC a run for their money.

Darryl Taylor has also found some good form.  He's been a little inconsistent at times so far in Europe, but is increasingly riding fast and with fewer mistakes.  If he continues in this form he'll also be taking it to the others at WOC.

Darryl can be seen racing this weekend in the Mazowia Cup in Warsaw and Marquita in the Czech Republic.  We'll post results when we get a chance.

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