(The following information about the location of this 2012 MTB-WOC has been shamelessly copied and pasted from the latest bulletin) 

Veszprém is a medium size town with a historic atmosphere 12km North of Lake Balaton. It plays an important role in the region because of its position, due to its industry and trade it is regarded as a small region centre. The town lies between the forest-covered slopes of the Bakony Hills and the sunny Balaton-uplands.

The historical past of Veszprém looks back on the time of the conquest, when the town entered into possession of the princely family. The bishopric of Veszprém was founded in 1001, the establishment of its cathedral is linked with the name of the wife of King Stephan I., Queen Gizella, which is referred to in charters as the first and oldest bishopric cathedral in Hungary. Queen Gizella is still very much respected in Veszprém, in honour of her is the artistic festival named after her held year by year.

Veszprém expects the visitors with vivid cultural life during the whole year. Excellent music orchestras, choirs, dance ensembles and the actors of the Petőfi Theatre entertain the audience. Children can have fun in the Veszprém Zoo which is famous all across Europe.

Visitors to Veszprém of every age will enjoy a splendid stay here.