Team gossip for the rest day

Thursday, 28 August 2008

A relaxing day but many of us are still just that little bit tense...especially those of us who so far have not achieved our performance goals.

AJ is on fire, but right now that fire is a bit too much in his insides. Hoping he can sleep it off.

Paul had his tooth fixed and now recommends Poland for any dental work you may require. You can't stop him smiling today.

Mel is absolutely brilliant and never lets anything get her down, whether its a rogue piece of cheese on her salad or a dodgy ride. She is also very good at timing her good rides for when they most count.

Jen is getting better and better especially now she has learnt the valuable technique of riding with her eyes open.

Alex too is getting better as the maps get harder. He has a nice trophy to take home in the form of a smashed up carbon fibre bar end from his crash during the sprint.

Dave aka Larry is finding all sorts of distractions out there in the forest but is always cheerful and a great guy to have on the team.

Cath is doing an amazing job of juggling family and the pressures of the racing here. She is riding so aggressively and focused.

Jon (representing OA on the 3 person jury for the world champs) is very happy to have found 0.5L bottles of beer for 0.95zlotys (about 50c). He nearly had to do some jury duties last night when a protest went in after the men's long qualification race but the organisers made some concensions to the Italians and Hungarians and resolved the issue.

James is our team blue-arsed fly. Never stopping all day until about 9.00pm when he crashes out on the sofa in the girls cabin.

Kay is the team pimpernell, appearing anywhere at anytime and always carrying bits of paper.

Most of the great photos here and on the OA webpage were taken by Kay and Caroline (Cath's mum).

Thanks for all the guest book posts and the rising hits count for this blog. It is really encouraging to know we have your support.


The 2008 Australian MTBO Team...

    Paul Darvodelsky
    Adrian Jackson
    Alex Randall
    David (Larry) Simpfendorfer

    Cath Chalmers
    Thor Egerton
    Jen Graham-Taylor
    Mel Simpson

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Team gossip for the rest day Thursday, 28 August 2008
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